One-Year Anniversary of the Japan Tsunami

I remember waking up and looking at my Twitter feed the morning it happened. It was a day after my sister’s birthday. ¬†(Oh by the way, should she read this, happy birthday Meghan!) ¬†Japan had been hit by an enormous wave that demolished so many homes and destroyed enormous expanses of farmland, and worst of all, ended up taking an estimated 20,000 lives. ¬†If that wasn’t enough, a nuclear plant was affected, causing additional threat. ¬†The footage was unreal. ¬†Water was on fire as it continued to flow into the country, far beyond the coast. ¬†Houses were floating away with people standing on top of them. ¬†Enormous ocean liners were beached in the middle of town. ¬†Everything there was crushed together in collapsed heaps and floating away from the lives that helped build them. ¬†It was terrifying, and worst of all, it was really happening.

It’s already a year later, tomorrow. ¬†(Time-shift… today there already?) ¬†Japan has incredible earthquake awareness and preparedness however, and so 90% of the people living in the devastated area were estimated to have survived. ¬†Why have they established such a program of preparedness? ¬†This article explains very well why such an enormous earthquake struck Japan one year ago causing the massive tsunami, and could very likely happen again.

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