Make a sturdy beach bag for cheap!

Make a small IKEA rug into a beach bag

Hi again. Not sure about where you are but here in Niagara, it’s been hot! I know that because my makeup is sliding off my face and our young son is a grump without a popsicle in hand. This week may have been the first time we’ve gone to the beach together and done more than dip our feet in the water. The kid really enjoyed ‘swimming’ (AKA lying on his tummy and splashing like mad) and I got to cool off too. Win! AND … Continue reading

5 fresh free crochet patterns to warm up your winter

I’ve recently rediscovered a love for crochet. Not that I have much time to count stitches or anything with this adorable yelling toddler of mine and a million animals needing food and breaks (so, so needy!), but I like to think I will get at least two projects done this winter. Maybe even before Christmas! Below are some ideas (with free patterns!) that I’m a little obsessed with at the moment. Hopefully they inspire you to get out your hook and whip up something warm.   … Continue reading

Been a month! Time to blog.

So, life is busy. For now, the DIYs are cut back because there is rarely a moment where I get time to open my laptop, let alone process pictures or post anything other than a Facebook status. (That stuff is usually done on my phone anyway.) However! When I do get some time, I will have a few goodies. Rit Dye is sending me some dye and fixative, which was a cool surprise via Twitter. So it’s almost time to dye (again)! So that’s one … Continue reading

How life has changed!

On March 31, 2014, I became a mom. Our son John was born weighing 8lbs, 3oz and measuring 21″ long. He is the most precious little monkey I have ever seen. We love him more than we ever knew was possible. I’ll add a picture of the little guy to this post when I am on the computer again. And I’ll update my header image one day when I’m not mobile-blogging, by the way. For now, please be patient while I mom around for a … Continue reading


It turned out of course as many know by now that the body found up north from my last post was that of Shana Carter, missing since December 2010 from her Grimsby residence.  Everything about this story is a little too close to home, geographically, for me.  It’s scary for us smaller-town people to realize this stuff happens outside of the bigger cities.  It’s equally scary to think that we drove past and looked into that little nook of the woods a hundred times over … Continue reading

Oliver’s 7th Life

Hoping all day long that our beautiful Oliver is doing well after his first aid yesterday.  Poor freaking cat.  I’ve lost track of how many times he’s hurt himself over the years.  He seems to be eating and acting normally, so despite the nastiness of his latest injury, I have a good amount of hope for him.  We’ll visit tomorrow and have an update. Share the post “Oliver’s 7th Life” FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail Continue reading

Time to Die

Let’s try a new theme for a while. See how long it lasts.  I remember when 12:55am was early for bed and not late (SWAG!).  I just had one of those (BRO!) moments where your head starts making up weird things… like a brain glitch before the word ‘glitch’ began to refer only to human error and not an actual computer malfunction. Enough already.  Need more zeds.   Share the post “Time to Die” FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail Continue reading