Cat or Magpie? — Our Mixi, the Cat Burglar

Miklos was out for a bike ride in the woods when he happened upon two men playing with a little tortoiseshell kitten. They jokingly asked him, “You want a cat?” They didn’t know who they were dealing with obviously, because Miklos, being the kind-hearted guy he always has been, didn’t think it would be fair to leave a kitten in the woods just before a big thunderstorm. Sure enough, that cat came into our lives and was named Mixi.

Soon, I would find kitty jingle balls or unlikely items such as Miklos’s violin chin rest in my purse when I got to work. I caught Mixi a few times running down the hall of our apartment with a (new) tampon in her mouth. Beneath the oven, we found a treasure trove of bobby pins, feminine products, elastic bands, twist-ties and other things Mixi had procured from their appropriately kept places around the house. We had a helium balloon in the house and were surprised one night while watching television to see it floating past the bathroom by itself; we found Mixi in the kitchen once the light was on, holding the balloon by its ribbon.

So yes, we have a character on our hands.

mixi daisy

After walking the dogs yesterday, we came back to our front yard and found a Mixicat peeking out the curtains of the bay window with a brand new white pencil in her mouth.

“Esscuse me, how does you sharping?”

She peeped out a few more times, but since camera phones suck and I didn’t think to bring a camera along for our normally eventless dog walks, we missed out. If it happens again, we will be at the ready. There’s a good chance it will happen again, as she seems obsessed with the pencil again today. I had to throw it on the bed where she sleeps so that she’d stop meowing.

Yep, that’s my life. I’m pretty happy with it today.

I know dogs take things and hide them, but have you ever had this happen with a cat? 

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