Denim whale’s big brother has arrived!

I made a more robust version of the DIY denim whale from last week! I like his tail details. Now that I’m becoming a little more familiar with my sewing machine, it was easier to do the cute little top-stitches. See the original post here (includes link to denim whale tutorial by a lovely Finnish lady). How do you like my whale?   Related articles DIY denim whale – great baby room or toddler gift project! DIY: Turn your regular jeans into skinny jeans… right … Continue reading

DIY: From Old Dresser to Pretty Vintage Bench

Holy cow! Remember when I said we were going to do a DIY using an old dresser we found on the side of the road? No? Me neither, almost. Except that it’s been in the basement all summer long (oops), staring and waiting for us to hop to it. Hey, we got married this year. As it turns out, that kept us busy this spring. Well, this past weekend we got to it. And as you can imagine from the blog title, we didn’t just … Continue reading

Cat or Magpie? — Our Mixi, the Cat Burglar

Miklos was out for a bike ride in the woods when he happened upon two men playing with a little tortoiseshell kitten. They jokingly asked him, “You want a cat?” They didn’t know who they were dealing with obviously, because Miklos, being the kind-hearted guy he always has been, didn’t think it would be fair to leave a kitten in the woods just before a big thunderstorm. Sure enough, that cat came into our lives and was named Mixi. Soon, I would find kitty jingle … Continue reading

Yay! Distraction! Supermoon for President!

I am not very talky lately, but here’s something to distract us all from our woes til I get my originality back:  Supermoon is coming!  Will his girlfriend, Lois Lune, make an appearance too? We’ll see.  This Saturday, May 5, watch out for a big bright moon as it is at its closest point to the earth.  I love it, so you should too.  Supermoon! Share the post “Yay! Distraction! Supermoon for President!” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

Moose Painting I

Here’s my first moose painting.  I was originally going for moose silhouette and disjointed jack pine.  The jack pine became a bit less disjointed and more like a normal tree, and I decided to shade the moose.  Hm.  Not sure on it. Halfway through I took a picture and I actually like the halfway-through concept a lot better than the finished product.  A moose against a map, instead of a moose and a jack pine. Well, we all need practice first.  It was a fun … Continue reading

Warning: Do Not Ignore Hundreds of Dead Birds

Fish die by botulism, birds eat infected fish; a likely story.  The timing is a little off-putting, though.  Why can’t we just admit that the grief-stricken, poor economy-shaken birds committed mass suicide?  By the way, if you live on Georgian Bay and awaken to hundreds of dead birds in your yard, don’t just start cleaning them up, contact your municipality first. Something might be up. Unrelated, I urge you to play the internet’s greatest version of the game Telephone, Doodle or Die, but also to draw/say … Continue reading

Mistaking Satellites for Stars

I am very, very slowly recovering from the Thrush Hermit show last night at Lee’s Palace. The best word to sum that experience up is WOW. They played every song I wanted to hear, and they blew the roof, the walls, the doors, andthe pants right off that place. On our failed attempt to get Green P parking behind the place, we saw the guys just hanging out beside their van. Got to love how down-to-earth they are. We also stopped at Book City. I’ve … Continue reading

You’ll have to forgive me; I’ve never been anywhere.

Big news! Miklos and I are going to Hungary in April! This still really hasn’t sunk in for me. Except that tomorrow when I wake up, I’m positive I’ll realize the reality of it. I’ve never been on a big plane; I’ve never seen the ocean, let alone crossed it; I’ve never been in a total state of culture shock; I’ve never been in a country where I have so little a realistic idea of what to expect, except for what someone has told me. … Continue reading

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