Low-Key Birthday

Turns out I suck at bowling again. Still pretty good at having a sore stomach when it’s time to have fun, however.

Ellie and I drink strawberry beer and talk about economics and Human Resources. We carry on intelligent conversation without simply being negative and nonsensical, as is the case with any other combination of me and my friends. Oh, Miss Ellie. We’re the real heroes.

no kitties allowed outside

I’ve always known this education I’m receiving was a bit of a money-grab, but I didn’t feel as if the professors were totally unqualified to teach it until last week when one tried to summarize for us who Rosa Parks was. This instructor served to completely botch the historic tale of racial triumph, describing the story as “They were shipping her off to a black community on a bus that allowed black people only, and she thought everyone should be able to take the white bus.” Around the room, hands slowly raised, and just about everyone in unison quietly spoke up to correct her. Wow. And then I insulted a clip she showed from the movie Ghandi. So I guess I’m a shitty person too. But I knew who Rosa Parks was, so I don’t think my film-critique matters too much in the big picture.

It’s nice to know that if I’m ever feeling down and out, I could always qualify for a teaching position at my college.

How not to present yourself to your “professional” competition in a seminar setting:


  • Basketball
  • Being weird
  • Suicide

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