Over it.


So let’s face it. It’s eight months off from this nightmare life, and it starts in two weeks. Except for, you know, the retail component of it all. But even that can be remedied. Come end of exams, it’s more hard work. Moving house and then finding a full time job whether it’s a co-op or not, outside of the many-shades-of-grey retail spectrum. Here it comes! Whatever happens, all it needs to do is pay down some wasn’t-worth-it student debt. Solid.

Tonight’s full of Stats! So many projects on the go, but soon they’ll be done, and hey. What then? Oh right. Covered that in Paragraph The First.

Whether there’s caffeine or lack thereof, I’m abuzz.

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I've been writing since I was in kindergarten where I Crayola-markered an epic tale of a tiger and a balloon on a stack of lined papers folded into a booklet and stapled along the edge (carefully, and by my teacher). I love DIY, sewing, folksy music, animals and getting out to look at and listen to nature.
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