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One of my fish who I noticed was missing all day has turned up dead. Well, half of him has, but I haven’t got much hope for the rest of him. So far, a string of a fish body has surfaced from beneath one of the plastic aquarium plants. The rest of his body and his head are yet to be found. Considering the other fish are only slightly larger than he was, and that they’re not really aggressive, and that they’ve lived with him for months prior to this devastating incident, homicide has been ruled out. There was a recent water change and tank cleaning (no abrasive cleaning products were used, only warm water), and the water seemed slightly warmer than usual when I checked on it earlier (i.e., before the corpse was exhumed). From this given evidence, I can only conclude that the water became too hot for the fish and he, in turn, exploded. Then, his head fell off the face of the earth, because I haven’t been able to find it anywhere. Then, he had the other fish (who somehow remained alive and healthy) bury him under a plant according to his unwritten fish will, because that’s where I finally found him. Under a fucking plant and a bunch of gravel.

This shit is bananas.

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