Blinky: The Silent Cleaner

I got Blinky yesterday after resigning myself to the fact that my angelfish probably isn’t going to die any time soon, and as such, he probably isn’t going to start licking the algae he and his surroundings produce off the side of the aquarium. According to the place I bought him, Blinky is a ‘rubber lip’, which sounds kind of mafia-esque. He eats algae, and he does it quite well. Thing is, since I got him, the dirt has dramatically disappeared, which is great, but … Continue reading

Operation Dumbo Drop

I’m getting up at 9 in the morning, no matter what. This late-night cycle has to end. Although it is the only time I’m sure I’ll ever do my course reading for Labour Relations, because let’s be honest: Who needs that shit during the daytime?? There is so much to be done. And I’m doing none of it. Snooze limit tomorrow: 5 times. Not 15. (I’m serious.) Sometimes I see a light on in my house, and I almost walk past it, but then I … Continue reading

This just in:

One of my fish who I noticed was missing all day has turned up dead. Well, half of him has, but I haven’t got much hope for the rest of him. So far, a string of a fish body has surfaced from beneath one of the plastic aquarium plants. The rest of his body and his head are yet to be found. Considering the other fish are only slightly larger than he was, and that they’re not really aggressive, and that they’ve lived with him … Continue reading

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