Is that real ketchup? Yep!

bursty papa colour

I’m normally a summer person, but it’s going to be mid-temp today and I actually don’t mind it.  Yesterday I remembered how much I loved a hot coffee instead of just liked it as a morning routine, and today it actually motivated me to wake up before 8am on my first day of vacation.  Shit!  It’s so good!

You ever type something and at the same time someone else says that same thing? I don’t.

Why is there an actually ‘cut’-looking version of the Koodo spokesguy on the dash in a Volvo commercial?  I need to stop watching television again.  Those days without the ‘tube’ (what do we call them now? ‘Impossibly flat boxes’?) were both the most creative and the most depressing days of my life.

So, let’s recap my summer:  La la la la la la la.

Summer was great, necessary, and full of new experiences involving spending far more money than I ever realized was involved in owning a finished house.  Apparently, yards are expensive to have.  Go figure.  And as usual, it turns out that I still prefer my time up north to my time filled with work down here in the deep south of Ontario.  Nothing is very surprising when you’re an old person in your late twenties.

If I ever buy a burgundy velvet chandelier, kill me.

Sometimes, people’s faces resemble peanuts with fish eyes slapped onto them.  There is nothing wrong with that.

So, on vacation we will go in a few days.  No blogging will occur during this time, as we have a land line, satellite TV but no internet there.  It’s a regular old pioneer days up north!  And that’s the way your mom likes it.

Remember the time Dalton McGuinty replied to my tweet about how he’s a wiener?  Every time I see his commercials, I can’t help but remember how much I hate every useless election in this country.  But we already blasted that topic in May, so I will move on.


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