Been a while..

Hey, reader! I’ve long neglected this site. I’d have shut it down entirely if it weren’t for the chalazion post and the one about dogs and hyperkeratosis as those are the two main ways readers end up here and they seem to still be relevant, which is always nice. We’ve had some major family losses over the past few years and sadly I don’t think I got to mentioning them as my posts have been regrettably lax. In January 2019, we lost our beautiful fluffy … Continue reading

Freedom for a Day

I woke up today to the sound of Big Fluffy Orange (a giant teddy bear looking cat I just named this minute) and another cat making kittens in a yard nearby.  It actually sounded like a person’s impersonation of annoying cat meows until I realized it wasn’t stopping.  Shudder. You ever have one of those most beautiful days off because surely shit  is going down at work and you don’t have to face it?  I’m there.  Why?  Well, say you work for a boot factory, … Continue reading

Saturday Morning at Home

There’s a big red tent on the lawn and it’s not because I’m turning 40 (because there are still a pre-teen’s worth of years before I’m that age).  We’re the talk of the neighbourhood, probably; we’re the only big red thing going on at the moment.  It’s raining and the eaves are being replaced.  I would have personally chosen yesterday when it was 26°C in the sun, but I’m no contractor.  Really I’m glad it’s happening at all; was beginning to worry about our deposit … Continue reading

Ikea. Boo.

I actually hate IKEA.  Is it an acronym?  Is it a name?  The all-caps leaves too much to the imagination.  I’m old fashioned.  I’ll treat it like an acronym. One reason I hate IKEA is because nothing in reality could truly look as good as it looks in IKEA.  Okay, I’m going to stop acronymising it now.  It just looks like I’m screaming the name IKEA! at you. I would hate to do that and never would in person even if I was really mad … Continue reading

Early Morning Bluez

This is easily the earliest I have been up in a very long time.  My nightmare job actually gives me bad dreams now.  That’s always welcome! So I woke up and put some Advantage on the dog, some of which I hope got on her actual skin, seeing as she has like 8 layers of thick short fur in the way of it.  Yep, being some form of an adult is pretty eventful.  I may even buy a humidifier filter one day soon.  Oh, the … Continue reading

Something’s Peculiar Here

Wait just a minute.  This doesn’t look the same at all! I must have been a terribly indecent person in a past life because 1) I work with the public and 2) my fiance is listening to Coldplay at a volume louder than a whisper.  It seems to me there is something I should be doing tonight (choosing paint colours, painting a door, carving our pumpkins) but I don’t think I’ll muster up the motivation to get any of that done this night.  Especially not … Continue reading

I strongly advise you listen to Modern Guilt by Beck if you haven’t lately. Especially while driving and not texting. Ambition and motivation. As someone living on this particular place in the world, I have the privilege of having just about everything I need and still being too lazy to go out and claim it. Domesticated life is wonderful but is easy to slump into and settle. What about dreams and goals? Where did those go? I like to blame my college experience on destroying … Continue reading

Well played, credit card company

I’m the kind of person who for a long time paid her bills the second she got them. Then I sort of slumped into becoming the kind of person who pays them on time. According to the $8 interest charge on my credit card this month, I am now a deadbeat in my eyes, but through no fault of my own of course. If you’ve ever used the website I’m talking about (which I will not reveal because I dunno, couldn’t someone steal my identity … Continue reading

Is that real ketchup? Yep!

I’m normally a summer person, but it’s going to be mid-temp today and I actually don’t mind it.  Yesterday I remembered how much I loved a hot coffee instead of just liked it as a morning routine, and today it actually motivated me to wake up before 8am on my first day of vacation.  Shit!  It’s so good! You ever type something and at the same time someone else says that same thing? I don’t. Why is there an actually ‘cut’-looking version of the Koodo … Continue reading

Mommy? Why do you have 20 blogs?

The answer to the above lies in my many personalities, my dear Dan.  (I assume you were the one asking the question.)  I wanted to create a blog for practical purposes — little things I have learned and liked to know, or ideas, and the altogether simpler things.  After all, Rico has a blog, so it’s only right that my domestic side does too.  And don’t tell him he only has one follower.  He’ll ride your ass for days trying to get you to explain … Continue reading

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