Elect Phillip Phillips 2012

Skip this post if you’re not into the reality shows, kids.

Some might say I have a few too many awful television guilty pleasures.  The important part is that they are all seasonal competition shows, so I view them about once a week for a couple months at a time and it’s not interfering with exercise and reading, my two other big hobbies (of the year so far).  Okay, enough justification.

I said it last year.  If they vote this guy off, I will never watch American Idol again.  But this time I mean it.  I truly do not feel like this year has a lot of character to go along with their talent.  Phillip Phillips however is pret-ty good.  When they voted off Casey last year, I was quite devastated, but there truly were a couple other good people.  Here’s Phillip Phillips’ rendition of “In the Air Tonight” if you haven’t seen it.

He has a distance to go to reach Casey Abrams status, but the potential is there.  Anyway, this post is not [just] an excuse for me to listen to some guilt-free Phil Collins.  I’m not a fan of the melody change but the guy has his own style and that’s more than I can say for most of the competition.

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