First 20 Songs on Shuffle

Not sure if this is some kind of exercise in others evaluating my coolness, but I saw a hashtag on Twitter, and who can ignore those?

My #First20SongsonShuffle:

1. Weezer – Say it Ain’t So
If you don’t like this song, you are crazy.

2. Thrush Hermit – Skip the Life
We’re doing great so far – indie kid cred up the wazoo, at least for the late ’90s.

3. Metric – On the Sly
I like Metric but I can’t say I’ve listened to this song much before.

4. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Mysteries
Wow, I am really, really cool sometimes. Probably one of my least favourite songs by them, but it’s still the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

5. Red Hot Chili Peppers – My Friends
This garners a pass. It’s a song I enjoy but in others it may invoke the hatred for Dave Navarro as a RHCP guitarist, a bitterness not lifted until they re-introduced John Frusciante to the band a few years later.

6. Matthew Good Band – Break in the Rhythm

7. Chemical Brothers – Let Forever Be

8. Modest Mouse – Tiny Cities Made of Ashes
Ah, a song that makes me want to knock a brother out whenever I hear it. “We’re goin’ down the road towards tiny cities made of ashes, Gonna hit you on the face I’m gonna punch you in your glasses, oh no! I just got a message that said ‘Yeah Hell has frozen over’, I got a phonecall from the Lord, sayin’ ‘hey boy get a sweater, right now’.”

9. Tom Petty – Free Fallin’
Fun Fact. As a kid I guess I got the impression that Tom Petty did not only write a lyric about one, but also was in fact a vampire.

10. Smashing Pumpkins – Tribute to Johnny
Ah, my “I will listen to anything by the Smashing Pumpkins” years. How long they were!

11. Interpol – Obstacle 1
Interpol reminds me of none other than the subway ride from Bathurst to Kennedy stations in Toronto, and then the filthy Scarborough Rapid Transit that follows it. You see, during the first part of my 9-month life in the city that small-town Ontarians must flock to at least once apiece, I lived as a mole. 45 minutes in the dark to a job, 45 minutes in the dark from a job. My only comfort was a small mp3 player which held, I think, 512MB of songs. During those 3 months, most of the time, Interpol would depress me on into and out of my workplace. I still like them, but it’s nothing compared to the Local Rabbits dans le Toronto era which quickly followed. Will Local Rabbits show up in this list so I can tell you about them? [Ed. Note: No, they did not.]

12. Mother Mother – Polynesia
I had a really cool friend once (maybe I sort of still do, somewhere?) who sent me music I had never heard all the time. This was from him.

13. Interpol – NYC
What a depressing song.

14. Boyhitscar – Man Without Skin
I don’t know why, but in its time I adored this song. It reminds me of my good friend Jack. Not because he’s a man without skin, but I think because he was one of the few people I remember talking about this band with at the time.

15. Modest Mouse – Parting of the Sensory
“Someday you will die and somehow something’s gonna steal your carbon.” Never really stopped to ponder a meaning, but that part sure always revs me right up!

16. Tool – Opiate
Another band that I never thought I’d stop loving. Wrong. Amazing live shows though.

17. Sloan – Loosens
Simple song but very meaningful.

18. Joel Plaskett Emergency – Extraordinary
Such a good song. Lots of fun memories associated with this song. “The cops show up” about 5 times on Truthfully Truthfully because Plaskett’s such a badass, which is awesome!

19. Deftones – Headup
Makes me want to throw my computer in a garbage can.

20. Matthew Good Band – Rico
Of course this list would end with the namesake of my anorexic/bulimic cat. He was almost named Annabelle (another Good song), but a vet visit proved he did have a cat boy-thingy after all.  Trivia: Matthew Good hates this song and refuses to play it live.  He is a real a-hole.

And there we have it.  Yet another thing to say “Thank you, Twitter” for.    Follow me if you don’t! I’d love to follow you. Jerks!

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