Things That Make Me LOL

Tonight’s Twitter topic is #ThingsThatMakeMeLOL.  I know, I know.  You are all businessmen and time is most definitely money.  I will try to make this short and sweet. When people accidentally speak to me in their first language, and it isn’t English.  This happened in a McDonalds in Budapest a couple of years ago.  Knowing just the swears in a language is funny only when you’re not visiting the country the language originated from.  Miklos was my translator, and there were four of us (half … Continue reading

First 20 Songs on Shuffle

Not sure if this is some kind of exercise in others evaluating my coolness, but I saw a hashtag on Twitter, and who can ignore those? My #First20SongsonShuffle: 1. Weezer – Say it Ain’t So If you don’t like this song, you are crazy. 2. Thrush Hermit – Skip the Life We’re doing great so far – indie kid cred up the wazoo, at least for the late ’90s. 3. Metric – On the Sly I like Metric but I can’t say I’ve listened to … Continue reading

“I Don’t GET Twitter!”

When you first sign up for Twitter, chances are you don’t get it.  “Isn’t it just status updates?”  At first glance, and to some users, yes.  More importantly though, no.  Use it however you will, but Twitter is best summed up with its tagline: “What’s happening?”  A much better tagline might be “What’s happening now?”  (Don’t get all George Carlin on me, I realize it’s the same thing but the now lends a sense of immediacy to the reader.) Twitter can be a news source, … Continue reading

El Politico

It seems recently that the Liberal Press Secretary’s Twitter account and I have been at odds every couple of weeks. First was my annoyance that gastric bypass surgery is OHIP covered (which, I agree, is a very necessary procedure) yet basic dental is not, for most people.  I mentioned Dalton McGuinty in my tweet, so naturally, @LibPressSec, not @Dalton_McGuinty,  then replied to tell me about Healthy Smiles, a program whereby children 17 and under are covered for basic dental in specific institutions, as long as … Continue reading

The 1000th ‘Tweet’ Cometh

It puzzles me to find that I am approaching 1000 ‘tweets’ on Twitter. Why? Because I have ‘tweeted’ nearly 1000 things, only the last two ‘tweets’ of which I can remember. Of course many of those were probably ‘retweets’ of interesting news and comical things people also ‘tweeted’, so it wasn’t all for naught. I just thought I’d give you fair warning. The 1000th ‘tweet’ cometh, and, baby, it gon’ be REAL. Share the post “The 1000th ‘Tweet’ Cometh” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

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