Having always lived here, the fascination with Niagara  Falls to tourists has always been a foreign (heh) concept.  We live right beside a place everyone in the world can only hear about or see on TV and no one really cares.  For many who live here, it’s over-hyped for what it is.

Miklos, on the other hand, came here when he was a boy and still loves the Falls even though he’s probably driven by and seen them hundreds of times more than the people who’ve lived here their whole lives.  My own parents, for example, almost never visit them.

Those of us who take pictures in Niagara regularly each have about 3 or 4 of this shot:

rainbow fog

For me, that rainbow in the mist (or as it was last night, actual fog) is about as magical as it gets.  I’d have taken a shot of it illuminating the Falls themselves if the fog hadn’t been so thick that you couldn’t even see them across the street.

Best colours to illuminate Niagara Falls: Tri-colour popsicle colours (white/blue/pink)
Worst colour: Green, makes the Falls look like a slimy sludge

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