Having always lived here, the fascination with Niagara  Falls to tourists has always been a foreign (heh) concept.  We live right beside a place everyone in the world can only hear about or see on TV and no one really cares.  For many who live here, it’s over-hyped for what it is. Miklos, on the other hand, came here when he was a boy and still loves the Falls even though he’s probably driven by and seen them hundreds of times more than the people … Continue reading

A Weird Experience You’re Not Meant to Care About

I felt I would explain a strange occurrence from earlier this evening on a drive with the betrothed.  For once, the sunset was actually decent, so we went on a drive and I took the camera to document.  At one point we ended up on a beach (featured here) which, as it is March, was, albeit beautiful, ice-cold on the fingers to take pictures of.  When we returned to the car, my fingers eventually got their circulation back, but the cold decided to re-locate to … Continue reading

We went to the monkey/lion/three-legged jaguar place (no one cares about the parrots) yesterday. We saw no animals, but we did see a big forest with thin wire fencing around it and a bunch of signs basically telling us to go away. Amazing! Finally, this place is picking up a little. Mixi woke me up to cuddle at 9 this morning. She’s getting fatter by the day, but no less bitchy. I like her. My diet lately consists of coffee and peanut butter cups. Share … Continue reading

I just saw an accident on the 406. Well, I saw the aftermath, and it gave me a giant headache because of my road paranoia and the fact that this happened about a minute ahead of where I was. I’ve never seen that highway come to a screeching halt; it took me completely by surprise when I had to brake hard and slow right down to 0. I won’t describe the accident scene here. I hope the person was all right. Share the post “” … Continue reading

A Cigarette in Bed; or a Cookie, for Non-Smokers

It was a very gloom-and-doom weekend at the island, at least as much as an island on the border of Ontario and Quebec can be gloom-doomy. Allow me for a moment to be more specific: The sky spent a lot of time pissing down rain. One bad omen was a horrible accident that had happened on the 400S the morning we departed for the island; a tractor trailer and a small car collided, spilling 400 litres of diesel on the highway and killing at least … Continue reading

Real Estate… Agent Maaaan

Tonight: Investigated area of fire I noticed happening last night between Towpath Rd. and Highway 406 While investigating, observing the hollow area that seemed to lie beyond the otherwise apparent forest and noting the overpowering smell of something burned, we almost took a nosedive off the side of the road and into a creek lying a good distance below the level of the road 30 minutes later, avoided near-collision with both a raccoon and a guardrail (kudos to Miklos‘s fancy footwork there; AAPEX Driving Academy … Continue reading

You know maps are antiquated when…

I had a pretty good day. It started off with missing class and ended off with a silly prank and a skinny Avondale kid awkwardly reading off a map and making the lot of us laugh at his nerdiness. [Ah, so much you would’ve enjoyed. Why does everything strike me that way now?] The test went great. At least I plan to think so until I get the results back. And I got 100% on an assignment from last week. And I think I’m going … Continue reading

Foxy Brown

I keep seeing my fox, running around in that field on that same road. I love that little guy (or girl). By “keep” I mean that I’ve now seen him (/her) twice on drives with Miki. I want to hug that fox. This time I noticed his (/her) eyes glowing in the pitch black from god knows how far away. So far away, that Miklos did not believe me at first. But then I proved, as I am wont to do, that I am the … Continue reading

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