Ikea. Boo.

I actually hate IKEA.  Is it an acronym?  Is it a name?  The all-caps leaves too much to the imagination.  I’m old fashioned.  I’ll treat it like an acronym.

One reason I hate IKEA is because nothing in reality could truly look as good as it looks in IKEA.  Okay, I’m going to stop acronymising it now.  It just looks like I’m screaming the name IKEA! at you. I would hate to do that and never would in person even if I was really mad at the place at the time.  The bigger reason I don’t like it is because every time we drive 45 minutes to get there, it turns out that the things the website claimed were in stock at our location (I remind you, nearly an hour away) are never in stock.  And when they are, my walls are too crooked for them to fit in.  That’s Ikea’s fault, not mine!

There was a great 30 Rock episode on a few weeks ago, the Valentine’s Day episode (Season 6, Episode 7) featuring the awfulness that is Ikea.  I think if you know how to stream or download television, or if you are one of those Netflicks fans (do they have 30 Rock on Netflicks?) you should watch it tonight.

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