Things That Make Me LOL

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Tonight’s Twitter topic is #ThingsThatMakeMeLOL. ¬†I know, I know. ¬†You are all businessmen and time is most definitely money. ¬†I will try to make this short and sweet.

    1. When people accidentally speak to me in their first language, and it isn’t English.¬†
      This happened in a McDonalds in Budapest a couple of years ago. ¬†Knowing just the swears in a language is funny only when you’re not visiting the country the language originated from. ¬†Miklos was my translator, and there were four of us (half not very English-speaking) chatting, when suddenly Miklos turned to me to explain something they had said but it all came out in Hungarian. ¬†Maybe the ultimate fear I had of not being able to communicate at all in a foreign country snapped in at that point because my heart appeared to stop in that moment, until he shook his head and realized what he’d been doing. ¬†Ah, laughter of relief.
      A very similar thing happened to me yesterday at work when a Chinese lady yelled something into my face and then started to giggle and excuse herself for asking for help in Chinese by accident.  Adorable.
    2. Forehead and bangs guy¬†–¬†No less than 200 very awful and dungeon-esque photos of a fellow who enjoys his hair and forehead.
    3. Bill Hader –¬†Every character he plays is pretty much golden. ¬†Personal favourites are Stefon and the creepy host of Dateline.
    4. Cats, as seen in Whiskas commercials
    5. Norm MacDonald
    6. A dancing chihuahua
    7. NEW! Hiding inside of round clothing racks and whispering someone’s name as they walk by
    8. The tweets of Hungover Dog
    9. 30 Rock –¬†I like the idea of a clever show. Sad that I only really got into it this year but that just means there are 6 seasons look back over.
    10. Tattoos with typos
    11. Eagles of Death Metal
    12. Very old people saying ‘awesome’ or similar
    13. Mayhem commercials from All State
    14. Almost everything Norm Sousa says
    15. The word ‘kerchief’
    16. Rob Delaney’s letter to Katy Perry
    17. Nearly everything that happens on the bus
    18. Best scenes from the Wicker Man:

So much for a short list.  Okay, now what makes you LOL?

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  1. Ditto to the forehead and bangs guy! Lol

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