Who’s Playing Finnick Odair in Catching Fire?

If anyone knows, please leave a comment. Until then, let us speculate.

IMDb has a list of potentials. These include the glorious Ryan Gosling who once purchased many things from me with his credit card at Bloor Street Kinkos (now FedEx Office or something) until I begged him to stop (or asked him if anyone ever recognized him; shameless story insert!), and a bunch of what I consider to be nobodies. Unfortunately, I surmise that the nobodies stand a better chance as he’s too big for these movies.

Hear me out.


Ryan, please stop buying pencils and self-serve computer usage time. Just give me the ring already.

I know it’s an enormous movie (and soon to be movie franchise), along with original book series. Woody Harrelson aside (consider he hasn’t done anything in large part since, oh I don’t know, Cheers), the first movie thrived on its previously-unknowns. The nice thing about the cast was that they weren’t ridiculously attractive or well-known enough for that to be a dwelling point, or maybe I’m just old now. The story was what we focused on. That is not to say all the focus would be spent on Ryan Gosling in a smaller part than the main actress who was beforehand not an acting superpower. And that last point is not to say that Ryan Gosling is a superpower but he has attained a hefty repertoire of starpower-infused films in recent years, and he has proven to be somewhat of a dreamboat to the younger and possibly cougaresque ladies.  As much as I’d like to see Ryan Gosling in another movie that’s enormous, I’ll stick with no-names like whomever Ian Somerhalder is, or Jensen Ackles, or whatsisface on the list… Max Theriot.  Sure.  Gosling also may be smokin’ hot to some, but he’s really not the lady’s man who sleeps with a billion groupies type that Finnick is first portrayed as in the book, so he wouldn’t be believable.  And uh… not that he looks ancient, but he might be a bit old for the part.

So that’s my story, who are your picks?

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