Who’s Playing Finnick Odair in Catching Fire?

If anyone knows, please leave a comment. Until then, let us speculate. IMDb has a list of potentials. These include the glorious Ryan Gosling who once purchased many things from me with his credit card at Bloor Street Kinkos (now FedEx Office or something) until I begged him to stop (or asked him if anyone ever recognized him; shameless story insert!), and a bunch of what I consider to be nobodies. Unfortunately, I surmise that the nobodies stand a better chance as he’s too big … Continue reading

Movie Review: The Hunger Games

I’m not usually the reviewing type, as I can’t get a feel for most movies that come out these days. That said, the books were recommended to me a month ago, I read them all in a matter of a couple weeks (which is good for me in for recent years), and for the first time in a while there was anticipation about an upcoming movie tingling deep inside, although even deeper down I was pretty sure of inevitable disappointment.  We managed to score some … Continue reading

The Sun Also Sucks

If there’s one thing that gets me every time, it’s having a wet shirt sleeve.  Man oh man, do I hate that! I decided a couple weeks ago to try another Hemingway novel to test its “any better”-ness than A Farewell to Arms. Well, 100 pages in, I again felt I was wasting my life, so I quit The Sun Also Rises.  Now on to Deadeye Dick, one of the Vonnegut books I surprisingly have not read, because a friend once told me it wasn’t … Continue reading

‘LEAP’ of Faith… You get it.

I did it!  I posted on the Leap Day! Let me take this useless opportunity of a blog post to say, oh great, Woody Harrelson is in the Hunger Games movie?  Eh, I guess it makes sense. Also, using intelligence of the many I know who have had their cars broken into lately, I think we may finally have cracked a nut in this burglar case.  Which, you know, would normally be the job of the police but let’s be realistic, I don’t live in … Continue reading

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