Comma Blog: Popular Posts of 2013

Here are the posts that topped the viewing charts in this crazy year: The Masked Magician Unmasked Cats with horned paws — It’s a thing. Free & easy DIY cat hammock DIY Christmas wreath in less than 10 minutes Facebook asking for government ID And because I always find that writers (of songs, of novels, and of blogs) favour different works than their audience tends to, here are a few of my favourites that you may have missed (sorry, no Miley Cyrus): DIY: How to … Continue reading

Let’s pause a moment for today’s mantra:

  Here are just some of those wonderful people: And this isn’t a person, but I imagine the person who made it is pretty cool.   Miklos gets a couple pictures because he’s my favourite person in the world. Who are your wonderful people? Share the post “Let’s pause a moment for today’s mantra:” FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail Continue reading

The Third Eye Initiative: #2 Bestseller in Dark Fantasy Horror

I’m as proud as an American parent whose son just won his first baseball game. My friend’s book has been doing very well since its long-awaited launch last week. Now you know what I’ve been talking about. If you haven’t picked up this bestselling e-book for Kindle yet and you’re in Canada, you can find The Third Eye Initiative here. If you’re in the USA or outside, it’s here. Share the post “The Third Eye Initiative: #2 Bestseller in Dark Fantasy Horror” FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail Continue reading

New Book: The Third Eye Initiative by J.J. Newman

As someone who always plans to write something incredible and never quite gets around to it despite a shameful amount of free time, it makes me proud to say that a friend of mine has spent a long time writing his book and released it on Amazon yesterday. You can find his book for just $2.99 CAD here or by clicking on the link above. Likewise, if you’re in the States, it’s $2.95 here. Please support this new author if you’re a fan of dark fantasy novels. He’s … Continue reading

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You might have noticed the new site design. (And if you didn’t, you probably hadn’t visited before — P.S., welcome!) I’m going for a cleaner look, with a bit more organization. You may have also noticed the sidebar now contains a signup form for my newsletter. Yep. In the spirit of productivity, I’ve decided to start a once- or twice-weekly newsletter. Sign up for: A swift recap the stuff I’ve posted during the week What’s coming up including new projects Exclusive videos and articles  It’s … Continue reading

Like to backspace, do ya? Try freewriting!

Imagine a world without a ‘backspace’ key. From 1808 until the advent of the computer, this was a reality. Typewriters are as cool as it gets for writers. We throw stamped images of them into every which graphic design we can, because they just look so neat. And oh, the nostalgia!  They remind us of a time when distractions were fewer, where it may actually have been easy (or easier) to complete the book we always dreamed of writing. While the lower distraction-factor may have … Continue reading