Turning 2!

Birthday cake time!

Happy birthday, Coolguy! This kid is our light. He’s made everything better and given us 1) a whole new perspective on life; 2) the realization that sleep deprivation is a powerful torture mechanism; and 3) filled our (previously grey & withered) hearts with love. Anyway I’ll hush up now. I just like this guy a bunch and can’t believe it’s been two years since my bladder worked properly. Love you, kid! Share the post “Turning 2!” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

DIY: From Old Dresser to Pretty Vintage Bench

Holy cow! Remember when I said we were going to do a DIY using an old dresser we found on the side of the road? No? Me neither, almost. Except that it’s been in the basement all summer long (oops), staring and waiting for us to hop to it. Hey, we got married this year. As it turns out, that kept us busy this spring. Well, this past weekend we got to it. And as you can imagine from the blog title, we didn’t just … Continue reading

The Third Eye Initiative

I’m as proud as an American parent whose son just won his first baseball game. My friend’s book has been doing very well since its long-awaited launch last week. Now you know what I’ve been talking about. If you haven’t picked up this bestselling e-book for Kindle yet and you’re in Canada, you can find The Third Eye Initiative here. If you’re in the USA or outside, it’s here. Share the post “The Third Eye Initiative” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

It’s Time to Start

My birthday was yesterday. A lot of people don’t enjoy birthdays, but I say they are depraved souls in need of a talking-to. I say this mostly because I want people to comment, though. Birthdays are, in a way, like New Years. You remember that people love you, and you try to make goals for yourself, or you decree that there will be no new goal-making in your life in an attempt to be different from everyone else, except that there are always plenty of … Continue reading

Messages from Friends

While cleaning up around the place this afternoon, “Generation X-Wing” stuck itself in my head. It was enough for me to actually muster up the courage to scour my (very) dusty CD collection and dig up Matthew Good Band’s Raygun. After that, it became a kind of marathon of tunes I hadn’t heard for a while. Ahh, memories (of drives by myself). It was nice. I think radio has damaged my head. I’ll have to charge my mp3 player more often, because there is really … Continue reading

How to Have a Nice Day

Wake up the day after a shitty yesterday which was, at its end, erased by your boy, cool friends, and just two drinks of Moosehead. Have money in your pocket for a coffee for your drive to work for a very short shift. Share the post “How to Have a Nice Day” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

I’ve got the time but the time don’t pay

So, I’m in love with a few things lately. Including but not limited to the following bulleted — but not numbered — list. (At any rate, the first thing listed is always the most important, so yes I’m a suck, shut up.) Miklos The incredible spring-like weather, in spring for once Story ideas (I’ve got a few; must sit down and hash something out) A weekend where I only have to work once Birthday in a week Excitement for Hungary is building on a daily … Continue reading

Apples : Oranges

When this whole Vancouver 2010 thing started, it was greeted by polar opposites: Olympic hysteria, and the Olympic hate-on. I’ll be honest. I didn’t care at first. I didn’t understand why some people would buy three (3) toques with the Vancouver 2010 logo on them for $24.99 apiece. (Okay, I still don’t.) I had no plans to join any ‘BOYCOTT TEH OLYMPICS ZOMG!!1’ Facebook groups, but I wasn’t planning on watching any of it. Somewhere down the line, it reeled me in. I think the … Continue reading

Oh hello.

Chrome keeps freezing. Are you cold, little one? I love you… you’re normally so quick and clean and refreshing. *Wraps a blanket around you.* Is that better? Will you start scrolling again soon? Is it that I haven’t updated you in a while? Do you feel out of style? Are you angry at me because I’ve been working doubles and I haven’t been warming you up with my ever-overheating laptop? I am so dedicated to you, Chromey. Don’t let me down. You’ve always made me … Continue reading

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