The Third Eye Initiative

I’m as proud as an American parent whose son just won his first baseball game. My friend’s book has been doing very well since its long-awaited launch last week. Now you know what I’ve been talking about. If you haven’t picked up this bestselling e-book for Kindle yet and you’re in Canada, you can find The Third Eye Initiative here. If you’re in the USA or outside, it’s here. Share the post “The Third Eye Initiative” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

New Book: The Third Eye Initiative by J.J. Newman

As someone who always plans to write something incredible and never quite gets around to it despite a shameful amount of free time, it makes me proud to say that a friend of mine has spent a long time writing his book and released it on Amazon yesterday. You can find his book for just $2.99 CAD here or by clicking on the link above. Likewise, if you’re in the States, it’s $2.95 here. Please support this new author if you’re a fan of dark fantasy novels. He’s … Continue reading

Vintage Score

The other night we were driving to meet up with someone when we spotted a curb full of tossed-aside furniture, books, and framed items.  I’m not normally the type to yell “STOP THE CAR” but I did this time (or some variation of it), and I’m glad. We ended up with: An old dresser An old nightstand (these two will be DIY projects on here come springtime) A giant, framed original landscape oil painting signed “Eldon” Smaller framed painting Framed print of a native girl … Continue reading

Freedom for a Day

I woke up today to the sound of Big Fluffy Orange (a giant teddy bear looking cat I just named this minute) and another cat making kittens in a yard nearby.  It actually sounded like a person’s impersonation of annoying cat meows until I realized it wasn’t stopping.  Shudder. You ever have one of those most beautiful days off because surely shit  is going down at work and you don’t have to face it?  I’m there.  Why?  Well, say you work for a boot factory, … Continue reading

Movie Review: The Hunger Games

I’m not usually the reviewing type, as I can’t get a feel for most movies that come out these days. That said, the books were recommended to me a month ago, I read them all in a matter of a couple weeks (which is good for me in for recent years), and for the first time in a while there was anticipation about an upcoming movie tingling deep inside, although even deeper down I was pretty sure of inevitable disappointment.  We managed to score some … Continue reading

The Sun Also Sucks

If there’s one thing that gets me every time, it’s having a wet shirt sleeve.  Man oh man, do I hate that! I decided a couple weeks ago to try another Hemingway novel to test its “any better”-ness than A Farewell to Arms. Well, 100 pages in, I again felt I was wasting my life, so I quit The Sun Also Rises.  Now on to Deadeye Dick, one of the Vonnegut books I surprisingly have not read, because a friend once told me it wasn’t … Continue reading

‘LEAP’ of Faith… You get it.

I did it!  I posted on the Leap Day! Let me take this useless opportunity of a blog post to say, oh great, Woody Harrelson is in the Hunger Games movie?  Eh, I guess it makes sense. Also, using intelligence of the many I know who have had their cars broken into lately, I think we may finally have cracked a nut in this burglar case.  Which, you know, would normally be the job of the police but let’s be realistic, I don’t live in … Continue reading

And it didn’t take me a month!

The Hunger Games is a brilliantly dark and fun read. I don’t care how emo that makes me sound.  I don’t know if this is another of those Harry Potter/Twilight fad books (and since Katniss Everdeen’s name keeps coming up on Doodle or Die I’m guessing it is) but it kept my interest the whole way through and turned out to be a really great read.  Thank you, 17 year old girl I know who recommended it. And speaking of 17 year old girls, bad … Continue reading

A Farewell to Arms

I finally finished reading this Hemingway novel.  It took a very long time.  I’ve never been one to appreciate the classics, so it’s not worth criticizing me that.  The end was kind of worth the entire read, I guess.  If anything, it did teach me a few lessons in writing: Do not take 180 (eBook) pages before the first interesting thing happens. Do not then spend 70 more pages rambling until the next interesting thing happens. Always make characters likable, so that if you do … Continue reading


I want walls filled with art. If anyone would like to donate walls filled with art, or even simply art for me to fill my current walls with, contact me and we will arrange for this.  Everything I see on Etsy, I want.  And then there’s the furniture part – everything I see on the IKEA site, I want. It’s a big problem. I wonder if I tried to paint if I’d know how now.  A few years ago, I gave it a shot and … Continue reading

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