Bloody Hell.

I hate getting blood drawn. I was told after doing so today that “it’s okay to breathe, keeps the oxygen levels up.” Who knew? She asked me very seriously if I was okay, which says to me that I might have cringed or looked a wee bit upset or both during the leeching. So it turns out I do have a fear. Having blood removed from my body. Ew. Share the post “Bloody Hell.” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

Happy how?

I am actually looking very … backward at starting school. (Just four more months, just four more months.) I already miss my recently-found freedom. I don’t think I’ll be going back to school after this year. How incredibly disappointing it has been. At least there are still a few nice things in life to keep me sane. Just wondering how my purse got blood all over the one side. Note to self: Do not put purse on floor of parking garage from this day forward. … Continue reading

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