Happy how?

I am actually looking very … backward at starting school. (Just four more months, just four more months.) I already miss my recently-found freedom. I don’t think I’ll be going back to school after this year. How incredibly disappointing it has been. At least there are still a few nice things in life to keep me sane. Just wondering how my purse got blood all over the one side. Note to self: Do not put purse on floor of parking garage from this day forward. … Continue reading

That’s a shame.

The college has gotten my goat again, if there was any goat left to be gotten. This time, the library didn’t have even one (1) out of three (3) books recommended for research for an essay worth 15% of my final grade, due this Friday. Fantastic! All I do is laugh. I dreamed this morning that I was in a small hotel room full of bees. I think I bit one. I woke up thinking I should eat a steak a day, and dreading writing … Continue reading

For Dan:

I was ranting all night long at my TV; what a shitty, disappointing thing it is that Fleury has such a fat, bumbling ass, and that the game as a whole was so weak. But to cheer you up, just a little: That’s my favourite thing that’s happened in a while. Share the post “For Dan:” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

Poor people with poorer vocabulary, bitching about the government at 10:30, shoveling snow

The deposit on the new place goes down tomorrow. I have a small feeling this is a giant mistake, but perhaps that’s just because someone told me how unhappy my landlord seemed this morning about us moving out, and now I feel bad. And it’s not just because he’s losing money this way, that he probably feels bad. It’s also probably because he actually likes us and we’ve never been shitty tenants, and he’ll miss my cat who is cool and possibly homosexual. We have … Continue reading

Sometimes, I am serious.

I know it’s hard to believe. But I am not always incredibly pleasant. There are several things you cannot suggest to me tell me to do and expect me to roll with. 1) Declawing my cat.2) … Well, that’s all that comes to mind. I have no sense of humour about that and, yes, despite being exceptionally easygoing about just about any other horrible thing you can think of, I cannot even find something remotely cute or funny about turning the mutilation of my cat’s … Continue reading

If you look up when they flip the switches, you can see the smoke from all of my burning bridges

Something my friends and I often say in our disdain is “F my life.”Here, Rico Cat captures that sentiment, and to make it all the more realistic, he is surrounded by the very notes and day-planner that cause this such stress. Two midterms tomorrow, work tomorrow night, two midterms Friday, a prospectus due next week, and a midterm next Tuesday, as well as coordinating the Employer Appreciation Event that night. Thank those crazy Liberals for Family Day. I’ll actually get to study. Share the post … Continue reading


There is nothing I enjoy more than a steaming hot shower. So, as you can imagine, there is a lot I enjoy less about a devastatingly icy-cold shower, in mid-January yet! Fuck! Fuck you! That was fucking cold! It’s not like I’m dying of some unknown disease or anything. Fuck! Share the post “THE IRS PRESENTS: HERSCHEL KRUSTOFSKI’S CLOWN-RELATED ENTERTAINMENT SHOW” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

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