11 Ways You and I Might Be Different

Me: Quick to anger when confronted by rudeness for no apparent reason. You: Maybe not so much. My favourite bands/musicians include Joel Plaskett, Beck, Ben Folds, Queens of the Stone Age, Neil Young, and the long-defunct Local Rabbits. I have a Rico Cat. I am extremely good at math, but I want to be a writer. I like to read Bukowski books, even though I am generally not fond of drinking heavily and taking prostitutes into my home for purposes other than prostitution, or even … Continue reading

Operation Dumbo Drop

I’m getting up at 9 in the morning, no matter what. This late-night cycle has to end. Although it is the only time I’m sure I’ll ever do my course reading for Labour Relations, because let’s be honest: Who needs that shit during the daytime?? There is so much to be done. And I’m doing none of it. Snooze limit tomorrow: 5 times. Not 15. (I’m serious.) Sometimes I see a light on in my house, and I almost walk past it, but then I … Continue reading

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