Conflict, eh?

I’m having a bit of a moral dilemma. It’s apparent that any time someone has yelled at me I’ve found them to be little more than a pathetic butt. My issue is with my neighbours: They’re about 75% awful.  They have no respect for their anyone, in fact Miklos had to built a fence so that they wouldn’t hose their dogs’ urine and feces onto our house as they had been doing for what I imagine to be years prior. (They keep their dogs in … Continue reading

The Sun Will Not Hug You, in Toronto

When will you stop acting like high school? What happened? Did you get really bored of not being a catty douche? And expecting me to get up early so that you can roll your eyes at me in the comfort of your own home while you pretend you’re contributing to a project that’s been nearly finished by two other group members? That shows nerve, but not nerve enough to tell me what your problem actually is. Make like those immigrants I told off the other … Continue reading