Going Pro

The resolution of this milestone photo is due to a crappy Blackberry camera, not the TV on which the age was displayed. I “for real legit” felt physically weak for … a week. I was waiting for a toe or two to mend before I got back into my routine tonight. ¬†This was a nice (but deserving) surprise. ¬†I worked hard tonight. ¬†I wouldn’t have wanted to smell me. ¬†Also, ahhh, the stress relief. ¬†This week has been non-stop and it was good to get ‚Ķ Continue reading

A ‘Wii’ Milestone

A happy birthday to my wonderful Auntie Lynn, and a happy birthday to me as today I am 20 years old in Wii Fit Age! ¬† Also, happy birthday to all those groundhogs out there. ¬†Today, we all win. Oh, me? ¬†I’m just here blogging ’cause the Wii Fit told me to take a fitness break. ¬†Guess my Wii trainer was worried I was getting a Wii bit too buff. ¬†Steady, Wii Fit. ¬†I’m doing juuuuust fine. Share the post “A ‘Wii’ Milestone” FacebookXShare‚Ķ Continue reading

Eat it!

Wii Fit Age: 23! ¬†Suck on that! And then consider that it’s only because the heat is so unevenly distributed in our house that I have to work out to keep warm. ¬† Seriously though, feeling pretty good about that! ¬†(I won’t tell you my last 3 or 4 Wii Fit Ages, but someone else might tell you they were at least 7 years older than that, and at most about 20 years older just a couple weeks ago. ¬†Eek.) This is what my neighbours ‚Ķ Continue reading

The Exercism

It is strangely motivating to have a computerized voice tell you you’re doing a great job, or that your back is tilting too much toward the floor. Wii Fit Plus, you are a great gift. I am going to have posture one day, for at least a week. I have the body of a 39 year old, which is a great surprise since I feel at least 47. Time to remedy that. Share the post “The Exercism” FacebookXShare‚Ķ Continue reading

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