My very first DIY clutch purse!

Over the holidays, I learned how much I hate old sewing machines. (How are our grandmothers still so nice, and not crazy maniacs after dealing with a lifetime of those?) We got a new one after Christmas and, man, was it ever a great investment. I’m so excited to get working on new projects with it. I will write more about the machine itself later because it deserves a brag for such a great price. What an improvement. It was intimidating though for a few … Continue reading


Do yourself a favour and watch the video for Home – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros.  Very fun. I am not a talker lately.  I’m not a thinker either, so don’t mistake my silence for introspection.  It’s nice out finally and I am enjoying it.  I have bought non-special occasional dresses for the first time in probably ever.  I am after 28 years ready to maybe be a girl, possibly.  Did you know these things don’t have leg-holes?  I’m very much not ladylike when … Continue reading