Snowed In / Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’

I know I promised productivity, but that’s proven tough this week since getting my second crappy cold in less than 2 months. I am very slowly getting my first sewing project done on our new machine, however. And Miklos painted what will become the nursery. So stuff is happening, gradually. Here’s a very good song with a theme many of us are familiar with tonight: Stay warm, and if you have pets outside, please bring them inside. This polar vortex is unforgiving. How are you … Continue reading

DIY: Quick, Simple & Affordable Deodorant From Your Kitchen!

For years, my poor armpits have suffered. All of my skin is sensitive, but my underarms — whose smell begs to be tamed — get itchy and spotty from even natural deodorants from the health food store. I have not found ‘clinical strength deodorant’ (just antiperspirant), but I’d probably still rash out and itch as badly from it as with everything else. After years of experimentation, I’ve found a formula that has worked amazingly for months to keep me stench-free without any negative side effects. … Continue reading

Cyber Monday Nikon D7000 Deal! $979.99 CAD w/ lens, or $699.99 body only! HURRY!

Lots of great deals out there (I’m sure, as I haven’t found too many), but here’s my favourite so far. Nikon D7000 Digital SLR Kit with 18-105mm DX VR Nikkor Lens $969.99 for Cyber Monday! I have this camera, I love this camera. And today you can get it WITH an 18-105mm VR lens for $969.99! Normally, this is a nearly $1300 kit. Perfect as a gift, or a gift to oneself. I actually use this camera more than Miklos‘s D700 because of the dual SD … Continue reading

OtterBox for S4 — Now I can drop my phone all the time, EVEN MORE!

It only took about four smaller dents and one giant ding on the side of of my phone — as well as the two swims in the toilet I’m forever mentioning — for me to decide to invest in some kind of cellular phone protection contraption. Unwilling to spend good money, as usual, I scoured the WWW for the best deal on an Otterbox. And I found a pretty great one! Now, this design is not waterproof like the Armor Series (which I’m not sure they have for S4 … Continue reading

ONE. OF. US! — On My Transition to Wearing Leggings

Those who know me know a few things. One you might not know as a reader is that I am not very girly. I know, I know. Hard to believe. However, being full of a baby does interesting things to the tightly-held perspectives you’ve had for so long. For one, it made me like the idea of having kids one day — something I had never even considered realistically, if I’m being honest, but now am really excited for. Secondly, I love telling people stories … Continue reading

How you can help others, RIGHT NOW, for free!

Want to make a difference but you’re uh… kind of struggling yourself? Whether you already volunteer your time or wish you had the time, there’s always a little extra you can be doing, even if you don’t have the money right this second. Sites like Greater Good are home to the Animal Rescue Site and also host other charities that help fight hunger, fund mammograms, help house veterans, pay for therapy for autistic people, and more. If you visit the site, you can help make … Continue reading

My New Thing: Smoothies!

I was recently reminded of how good smoothies are. Miklos makes the best berry smoothie from about a cup of vanilla yogurt and 1/2 a cup of frozen mixed berries. It’s simple and so very good. It looks like this: Inspired by this, I’ve been smoothie-ing for breakfast all week. If you’re wondering where I got these ideas, hit up Pinterest for inspiration. You can pretty much blend anything and it ends up tasting like liquid heaven. My favourite smoothie so far is comprised of avocado, … Continue reading

Apocalyptic Rip-Off

What am I going to do with a wall full of canned diced tomatoes? I was looking to authentically being able to blast this today, but I guess in irony, here’s Matthew Good Band – Look Happy, It’s the End of the World. (Scroll down, the apocalypse is being an A-hole no matter what I do with my formatting today.) Share the post “Apocalyptic Rip-Off” FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail Continue reading

The Cat Keeps Dancing with Me

This morning’s soundtrack is brought to you by a dream I had of hanging out with my old friends from the early 2000s. Joel Plaskett Emergency – Truthfully, Truthfully This is and always will be a solid album, and one that brings me back to days of youth and life and my own continued essence of cool-loserness.  The ‘cops show up’ a bunch of times, the music is the very definition of deliciously fun rock ‘n roll, and there are at least 10 quotable lyrics … Continue reading