Grass is always greener and the sky is bluer too

Well, Jim Beam, it’s a sunny, sunny day out and you’re stuck inside doing the laundry. You think of all the silly things you could be going outside and getting into, and every one of them seems even more thrilling than the last. You’re a real jack-in-the-box, Jimmy. So your mind is racing with the possibilities and the fun that you aren’t having. Ding, goes the timer. You hobble down to the laundromat with that second load of burden, turn the handle to the door … Continue reading

The Elevator Times

Just now on the way up from the laundry room, I held the elevator for a couple of weirdos. “Laundry day, eh?” said the girl, looking at the basket I held in my hands.“Yep… best day of the week,” I mused.“Yeaaaah!” said the girl. “Get ya clean clothes, go out ‘n party??”“…you got it.” My neighbours know me so well. Share the post “The Elevator Times” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

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