Pretty Night for a Drive

Decided to drop my phone in the toilet tonight (I think it still works, but I haven’t checked again). Here’s a picture I took on our drive down the Niagara Parkway, with Miklos’s Samsung Galaxy S4, which is the same phone as mine except black and un-toileted. When I yanked the phone out of the (clean) toilet water, I instinctively tapped the “On” button to see if it worked. The display came up and when I swiped over it, it worked. I probably should not … Continue reading

It’s ok to use your cell phones again, ppl

Because you felt so threatened by the possibility that cellular technology would be the death of us all that you actually put your phone into a safe deposit box and locked it away to prevent any electromagnetic fields from escaping and endangering your health any further, I am pleased to assure you that a new study says that we have no reason to connect cancer risk with the use of cell phones.  Until the next study proving otherwise comes out. Share the post “It’s ok … Continue reading

How to get out of your phone contract

I’m having a lot of problems with my phone lately, and to be honest, I don’t like paying a system access fee for no reason (of course, there are SAF-free plans now with Telus, but they cost about the same as/more than it would to stay on my plan with the SAF). So, here, along with some evidence from another cell phone representative (and friend) to whom I’ve spoken personally about this, is proof that you can cancel your bill without that pesky minimum $20/each … Continue reading

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