SOLVED: Black screen after Windows 8 logo during/after install. Frozen? Not quite.

Back in May we decided to install Windows 8 on my laptop. Long story short, my laptop stayed ‘dead’ all summer when we couldn’t find a solution for what happened to it. Fast forward to the past couple days. Miklos was upgrading four computers (three laptops, one desktop) to Windows 8. The installs seemed to have gone well. However, overnight two laptops ran into the same problem mine had. Upon booting up, the new Windows 8 logo would show for a few seconds, and immediately … Continue reading

Cheapest Way to Unlock a Phone Right Now From Your Desk — $7.99

A CAUTIONARY EDIT: iPhones and other high-end phones will cost more than $7.99 to unlock using (and most other services, unfortunately), but don’t fear: The site will give your specific phone an unlock total BEFORE you check out. If you don’t like your price, don’t do it. Selling your old phone and need to unlock it for cheap? Unlocked phones will make a much better profit than phones that still need to be unlocked, of course. I’m hard-pressed to be able to show you … Continue reading

Pretty Night for a Drive

Decided to drop my phone in the toilet tonight (I think it still works, but I haven’t checked again). Here’s a picture I took on our drive down the Niagara Parkway, with Miklos’s Samsung Galaxy S4, which is the same phone as mine except black and un-toileted. When I yanked the phone out of the (clean) toilet water, I instinctively tapped the “On” button to see if it worked. The display came up and when I swiped over it, it worked. I probably should not … Continue reading

Microsoft Mouse Wheel Scrolling Too Fast: “Have You Tried Turning it Off & On Again?”

The most common running joke from The IT Crowd just fixed my mouse. Out of the blue, my normally-great wireless mouse began scrolling as if I were that speed-reading infomercial guy from the ’90s. After checking a few useless Microsoft answer pages, I unplugged the USB for the mouse and plugged it back in. Voila. It scrolls perfectly again. Just a reminder that the on/off, plug/unplug trick will fix it 90% of the time. (And I’m right an estimated 80% of the time.) Share the post “Microsoft … Continue reading

Easy Chrome Fix

For a while I’ve had an issue with Chrome saving my bookmarks, but only until I close the browser and open it the next time to find them gone.  After uninstalling and reinstalling several times, and then months of simply giving up on bookmarking with Chrome, I found a suggestion in their Support site that I might have a corrupted user profile.  I can’t believe the fix is as simple as this… yeesh.  Lo and behold, it works.  If you’re having the same issue, here … Continue reading