Pretty Night for a Drive

Decided to drop my phone in the toilet tonight (I think it still works, but I haven’t checked again). Here’s a picture I took on our drive down the Niagara Parkway, with Miklos’s Samsung Galaxy S4, which is the same phone as mine except black and un-toileted. When I yanked the phone out of the (clean) toilet water, I instinctively tapped the “On” button to see if it worked. The display came up and when I swiped over it, it worked. I probably should not … Continue reading

Easy Chrome Fix

For a while I’ve had an issue with Chrome saving my bookmarks, but only until I close the browser and open it the next time to find them gone.  After uninstalling and reinstalling several times, and then months of simply giving up on bookmarking with Chrome, I found a suggestion in their Support site that I might have a corrupted user profile.  I can’t believe the fix is as simple as this… yeesh.  Lo and behold, it works.  If you’re having the same issue, here … Continue reading

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