Squirrelly bastards!

I caught a scammer the other day at work. After having read some tips that had been passed around by email to all the local stores, I was on-the-ball enough to call a supervisor when a younger guy, about 20, came in trying to buy $1000 worth of our store’s gift cards on a Visa card. I told him “Just a precaution,” and he said “No problem.” Of course, immediately after saying that it was no problem, he got a cell phone call and sounded … Continue reading

Change your calendars, it’s June now.

I was in the shittiest mood this weekend, because Google owns the internet, and I reset my password, since I don’t actually remember what it was (meanwhile, my browser, does). This set off a chain of unfortunate events to follow, thus rendering me unable to access my email and Blogger. Somehow, miraculously, maybe because of the angry email I sent to Google last night (from an address that I actually did have access to), today that problem was finally fixed. Cool. Anyway! Last night, during … Continue reading

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