Before anyone asks:

English Wikipedia has an article on: Tongue-in-cheek [edit]Adjective tongue–in–cheek (comparative more tongue-in-cheek, superlative most tongue-in-cheek) (idiomatic) not intended seriously; jocular or humorous He gave a tongue-in-cheek explanation of why the sky was blue, offering a theory about some primordial discount on light blue paint. From Wiktionary. Share the post “Before anyone asks:” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

Here’s what I’m at:

Reading John Tesh’s Intelligence For Your Life website at 2am. Returning a crab today because the pet store lied to me about what living conditions it needs… cool! Hope all the other people who bought them also do their own research before their pets die. Waiting for my essay to be graded (we’re not expecting aces, kids) Anticipating the next season of Survivor and America’s Next Top Model because I’m at a loss for shows that rob my mind of all thought Hoping to go … Continue reading

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