Cool Site: Waterfalls of Ontario

Twitter finally suggested an account I’d actually like to follow today. @OntWaterfalls Waterfalls of Ontario gives a rated list of (you guessed it) the falls and rapids in this enormous province of ours. And in case you’ve never seen it and happen to be in Northern Quebec, you should visit Grande Chute in (dans) Laniel. That’s my dad in the top left, in case you didn’t notice him. It really is a grande chute. What’s the best waterfall you’ve ever seen? Leave a link in … Continue reading

Damn You, Peggy Archer!

It turns out my million-dollar idea is not very original after all. There is already a blog for pictures of abandoned couches. I hate to say it, but I think this internet thing has finally taken off. Then again, we could go regional with this couch thing. Share the post “Damn You, Peggy Archer!” FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail Continue reading

Google Analytics: New Visitors, Returning Visitors… Other?!

While taking a look at Google Analytics today, I came across something strange.  I entered the dates as far back as they would go until present day for one of Miklos’s sites, and a mysterious lone ranger turned up. Neither new, nor returning?  How can that…?  Apparently the same has happened to others.  So who is this single visitor over the course of 2 years on a site that’s had tonnes of pageviews?  Is it the same visitor on every site?  Is it GoogleBot Himself (but then, … Continue reading

Whatever! Whatever! I Do What I Want!

I’ll fix the awful width of the body column later when I can remember how to look at CSS. It’s really quite sad when you think I used to write the stuff and years later it looks like mush to me until I can finally find whatever element or doo-dad I’m looking for. Good thing I’m marrying a programmer. Share the post “Whatever! Whatever! I Do What I Want!” FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail Continue reading

Tunes for the Taking

I’m also in love with Fleet Foxes. They make me wish I could sing. A big part of my life is involved in having nervous breakdowns due to the poorly-designed navigations/loop-de-loops of Canadian government websites.  Miklos met a government web developer once and I maintain that he probably should have strangled him.  All is well now, however, I have printed 18 copies of the form I needed today in case I ever need to use it again. Share the post “Tunes for the Taking” FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail Continue reading