Things just keep getting weirder and weirder and now Christmas is for shopping and the Shopping God is everything.

I was never a Pearl Jam fan. I’m not anti-Pearl Jam, they’re just not that great as far as I’m concerned. Regardless, having heard a band cover them at a bar, the outro to ‘Black’ has been in my head for days. Maybe it’s just winter setting in, but this has been a very ass-backwards week for no reason in particular. The cold is disorienting, all of a sudden, and the constant ceiling of grey nothingness is overbearing and unwelcome and making me speak in … Continue reading

Where I’m At:

Working Taking pictures Going broke and broker Enjoying (relatively) low gas prices Not looking forward to school, that’s for sure How are we all liking winter so far? Eh? Winter? Isn’t it great? Share the post “Where I’m At:” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

Once I start…

We have this tray of Christmas-themed chocolates that, as they are depleted, we keep replenishing with more and more chocolates. As a result, my skin has taken a hit! But whatever. It’s winter, it’s time for hot chocolate and (even more) Tim Hortons and being poor and baking cookies and EATING ALL THE CHOCOLATE. Share the post “Once I start…” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

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