Ice shoves no longer — caves being destroyed some time this week

An iconic and beautifully rare scene on the shore of Crystal Beach is about to be destroyed. People flooded the area this past weekend to view the ice shoves at Crystal Beach on Lake Erie. Of course, as in any large crowd, not all went according to plan and common sense was not at its peak. A senior citizen broke a hip after slipping on the ice, emergency vehicle access was blocked by the many illegally parked cars, and by Family Day, the caves themselves … Continue reading

Ice shoves on Lake Erie at Crystal Beach — just wow.

One of the coolest things to happen in this region in a long time has cost us absolutely nothing. It’s a totally natural wonder, one I’d never seen until this past weekend. If you live here, you should definitely go see it while you can. UPDATE 1: See the bottom of this post for directions on how to get there, and a map! UPDATE 2: Ice caves were evacuated February 17, 2014 due to possible ice fractures. Please see this Erie Media write-up for more … Continue reading

Warm Heart of Winter

This has to be the greatest January for weather in all my life (and maybe yours – I don’t know you).  Of seven (7) days, just one (1) has reached -21°C with the windchill, and only days later it’s as mild as last May would’ve been if it didn’t rain so much that I never went outside to check the temperature, except to let the dog out, but who even checks the temperature when they’re dealing with a mud-soaked defiant animal?  If Canada could go … Continue reading

I’m a Dink

I made a smart Alec remark tonight (who, me?) about how by the time we got home from our grocery shop, there’d be at least two (2) comments on each of our Facebook news feeds about how dark it got so early tonight.  Turns out I was living in a fool’s paradise, because as I put the groceries away, I noticed the clock read ‘5:49PM’ and I was taken aback for a split second realizing it wasn’t actually 7 or 8 at night.  And of … Continue reading

Vitamin D

First week of November has been milder than most weeks in October.  Go figure.  I saw a girl wearing flip-flops yesterday and I’ll admit I was jealous.  I have a condition which causes my legs to fall apart in any shoes except for spongy flip-flops.  ‘Spongy’ is spelled without an E?  Really? 2010/2011’s winter was very uneventful for pictures.  2011/2012’s will be better, because I will actually make sure to take them.  This year there’s the advantage of having a new yard and a new … Continue reading

Bring on Novembrrr… 3 Rs.

It’s almost the end of another year.  The next two months will be sheer hell by the usual standards, but I’m willing to try and make the best of it. (PLZLETMEGETABETTERJOBBYNEXTCHRISTMASSEASON.) Two months seems like a long time, but it’s not.  I remember the end of August like it was yesterday.  Casey got spayed and then she peed and barfed all the live-long night.  See?  Easy recollection.  Two months from now is almost here. Before New Year’s Eve, however, there are four (4) birthdays in … Continue reading


We don’t talk to Scoobi about Santa Claus. Not since the heart attack. Something about having sat on Santa’s lap moments before his vital organs began to expand and contract in violent spasms causing him to collapse in a sweaty heap on the cottony fake snow surrounding his chair that makes the whole Christmas season eternally unsettling to a child. Share the post “Excerpts” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

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