Mo’ Backyard, Mo’ Problems

More outdoor mealtime was had tonight. ¬†Grilled corn on the cob spiced with chili powder. ¬†Delicious! After dinner the task was to install the new and as yet un-torn top of the gazebo. ¬†This challenge was accepted and abandoned with the realization that there is no way the thing goes on without even a bit of tearing. ¬†During our hmming and hawing, two doors west, a dad fiddling with something in his driveway was saying to his daughter “there must be a wire disconnected or ‚Ķ Continue reading

I Love It

It must be summer in March because I am the whiniest person ever to be stuck indoors at a job this week. ¬†Spoiled with two barbecues over the weekend, I now want all my meals cooked over a flame and served outside. ¬†Today I had to eat processed crap from the food court (normally not up my alley, but fine nonetheless). ¬†So disappointing. This is the year we are spoiled, people. ¬†Let’s slather on the sunscreen in March for once, while it lasts. ¬†Tomorrow I ‚Ķ Continue reading

Weather Forecast

It’s not raining yet, but it will be in about 45 minutes because that is what happens every time I happen to walk outside to take the bus. ¬†Incredible timing, this weather has. ¬†Apparently yesterday was beautiful out. ¬†I work inside of a cave so I cannot confirm. Happy February! ¬†What if this is the month you become famous, or even infamous? ¬†Things to consider. Share the post “Weather Forecast” FacebookXShare‚Ķ Continue reading

Warm Heart of Winter

This has to be the greatest January for weather in all my life (and maybe yours – I don’t know you). ¬†Of seven (7) days, just one (1) has reached -21¬įC with the windchill, and only days later it’s as mild as last May would’ve been if it didn’t rain so much that I never went outside to check the temperature, except to let the dog out, but who even checks the temperature when they’re dealing with a mud-soaked defiant animal? ¬†If Canada could go ‚Ķ Continue reading

Vitamin D

First week of November has been milder than most weeks in October. ¬†Go figure. ¬†I saw a girl wearing flip-flops yesterday and I’ll admit I was jealous. ¬†I have a condition which causes my legs to fall apart in any shoes except for spongy flip-flops. ¬†‘Spongy’ is spelled without an E? ¬†Really? 2010/2011’s winter was very uneventful for pictures. ¬†2011/2012’s will be better, because I will actually make sure to take them. ¬†This year there’s the advantage of having a new yard and a new ‚Ķ Continue reading


Last night we (forgot our cameras, ugh!) and drove head-on into the enormous storm that hit Niagara. The humidex during the day had been around 41 as predicted, and whatever collided with that muggy air did not impress it. At first, it was a brilliant light show over Lake Ontario. Next thing we knew, that lightning, thunder, and now pools of rain were right on top of us as we parked in Niagara-on-the-Lake to watch it. I don’t think I’ve been in all truth scared ‚Ķ Continue reading

A Cigarette in Bed; or a Cookie, for Non-Smokers

It was a very gloom-and-doom weekend at the island, at least as much as an island on the border of Ontario and Quebec can be gloom-doomy. Allow me for a moment to be more specific: The sky spent a lot of time pissing down rain. One bad omen was a horrible accident that had happened on the 400S the morning we departed for the island; a tractor trailer and a small car collided, spilling 400 litres of diesel on the highway and killing at least … Continue reading

Can’t wait.

You know what’s coming soon? Some nice sleeping with the rain pouring and my window open so I can hear it all. Ooooh baby. Yeah. It’s been a while. What a perfect sound for morning time in bed. Share the post “Can’t wait.” FacebookXShare‚Ķ Continue reading

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