Blow Me Away: Life Advice from a Crazy Person

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We’re all crazy in one way or more, no matter how well we hide it (unless we’re boring, but I have half a mind to think even boring people have at least an ounce of nutjob in them here and there). Sure. I get all that. But you know what that kind of introduction means: Bus story forthcoming.

On the big ol’ bus ride home today, the Zune died despite its “full” battery as it does every couple of days, so as the music came to a halt and my sudoku game disappeared, I got to listen to what people were talking about!

The Hartzel bus seems better than most other buses for entertainment value. I usually take it down to Westchester and get off to walk home from there on nicer-weather days like today. I sat down and a girl tapped a girl on the shoulder as she walked by and said “I hate that! When I run into people at the terminal just as I’m leaving!”

The girl removed her earbuds. “Wh…?”
“Oh, you had headphones on… I said I hate when I run into people at the bus terminal just as I am leaving.”
“Oh it’s not important anyway.” The whacky cracker continued on her way to the back of the bus, as the girl who she had been speaking to (who she, clearly by this point, had never met before) looked on, puzzled.

As the bus rolled on to its bus route, I learned a few key points about this genius:

  • Always leave a bar with the person you came with. That’s her rule.
  • She threatened a guy on that street with all the sex trade workers that runs off of Queenston (you know, that one with all the antiques stores) with a knife that she always carries with her, because he thought she was a prostitute last night
  • As per the above point, just about every other night, a guy on that street thinks she’s a hooker
  • She can paint her nails really cool and her friend thinks she should start a business because once she made her nails look leopard-print with a toothpick and some polish
  • Her friend (possibly the same one) really likes her hair the way it is right now, so she’s not going to change it
  • Enjoy going to school now, because the second you’re out, you want back in [My own personal addendum to this: Throw any amount of money at Niagara College and they’ll let you right back on through those glorious doors of higher learning]
  • Everybody goes through one phase in their life; she sure did, she says (phase she went through not specified, sry)
  • She’s a freak of nature, some of her friends tell her

So that was my trip home. I miss the days when my car was reliable, but really, if I’m going to be transported around by anything other than the Taurus, it might as well be this. Because I need things to blog about. I have a blog, and that means I am lucky and introspective. After all, not everyone gets to blog like me!

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