Weather Forecast

It’s not raining yet, but it will be in about 45 minutes because that is what happens every time I happen to walk outside to take the bus.  Incredible timing, this weather has.  Apparently yesterday was beautiful out.  I work inside of a cave so I cannot confirm. Happy February!  What if this is the month you become famous, or even infamous?  Things to consider. Share the post “Weather Forecast” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

Blow Me Away: Life Advice from a Crazy Person

We’re all crazy in one way or more, no matter how well we hide it (unless we’re boring, but I have half a mind to think even boring people have at least an ounce of nutjob in them here and there). Sure. I get all that. But you know what that kind of introduction means: Bus story forthcoming. On the big ol’ bus ride home today, the Zune died despite its “full” battery as it does every couple of days, so as the music came … Continue reading

Sexual Healing

Today: Car battery died today before I left for school, so I took the bus instead, despite the fact that it would mean disrupting the class when I walked in 15 minutes after it started. Better late than never, I thought to myself. (See also, in Nikki’s strikeout mantras: You have to spend money to make money!, and Think positive!, and You can’t make your candle brighter by blowing out someone else’s flame.) So I hop on Pop the bus and things are going good. … Continue reading

Can I have your couch?

3:30 is decidedly the worst time to be on the bus. Between the fat children intentionally barking like dogs, spouting swearwords in order to irritate the driver, and the sardine can-esque personal space factor, I rarely enjoy a 3:30 trip home. I would even go as far as to say that when I start paying out the ass for a car in a couple of months, I probably will not miss the 3:30 bus all that much. I have too much to talk about this … Continue reading

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