Blow Me Away: Life Advice from a Crazy Person

We’re all crazy in one way or more, no matter how well we hide it (unless we’re boring, but I have half a mind to think even boring people have at least an ounce of nutjob in them here and there). Sure. I get all that. But you know what that kind of introduction means: Bus story forthcoming. On the big ol’ bus ride home today, the Zune died despite its “full” battery as it does every couple of days, so as the music came … Continue reading

But yeah so no.

Boston Pizza tonight with Miklos. A crazy old bag lady with a shopping cart from Zellers came in the door at the same time we did, and dazedly wheeled herself into the washroom for the exact duration of time we spent there. The waitresses joked that we could take her home now, since she clearly came in with us. “Yeah, that’s my mom…” I said, later joking that I’d text her and get her outta there. A towel on your head is no way to … Continue reading

It doesn’t matter what people are sayin’, as long as they’re talking about ya

I’m getting a bit of a Homolka vibe from someone. It’s very creepy, and I don’t understand the whole situation, but ya. Asking for my cell number after you talk to me for 5 seconds or so on MSN is strange. Asking me to webcam with you is weird. More so if you’re a girl (but in general too). This person was almost a roommate two years ago. This is when I tell myself: thank your intuition for sidestepping that calamity. Thanks. Crazy is in … Continue reading


I love Crest Whitestrips because they make my skin look tan. I love the Colbert is God graffiti on a shitty building on Westchester more and more every time I see it. I don’t love it because it’s awesome, but rather because it seems so… wrong. Get Loose was arrested in Toronto. I wonder if he and Colbert is God are from rival gangs or the same posse. I use a powder brush from Bare Escentuals. It’s getting old and worn, and now reads BARF … Continue reading

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