Vintage Finds, AKA Old Crap

A little late on this one, but here is some of the stuff we found the other day.

24"x48" winter landscape oil painting signed "Eldon"

Makes me want to paint in oils… maybe one day I’ll have the patience to wait for one to dry.

oil painting in frame

16″x20″ oil painting; Has a rip, so I’m not very interested in this one. I found the carved frame neat though.

ugly old dresser

We’ll re-finish this come springtime. New finish, new pulls… I’m very excited about it. Rico must be too.

vintage record player viceroy

Viceroy vintage record player that still works, baby! 1940s-era is Nana’s guess. I guessed the ’60s first. Maybe we can compromise on the ’50s.

You’ll be pleased to know I spend an afternoon cleaning and sanitizing all these things, so the record player no longer looks like a dirty heap of garbage, and the dresser looks slightly better.

A tip about cleaning with vinegar + water solution: It’s great because there are no chemicals, but whatever it reacted with (my guess is decades of cigarette smoke) sent me into intermittent coughing fits for the remainder of the day. Wear a SARS mask or something when cleaning old stuff with vinegar + water. Even the dog was sneezing.

This stuff surprisingly did not smell bad at all beforehand, by the way.  Just goes to show how disgusting everything in the world can actually be.

The first painting looks awesome though, still very bright, and has a very neat frame.  The frame wasn’t filthy at all, which leads me to believe this was in a closet somewhere.  I’m interested to learn more about the painting, but I’ve had little luck.  Again, it is signed “Eldon”, and there’s a smaller one on eBay which must be painted by the same artist. Unfortunately the seller doesn’t seem to offer much about the origin either. Life is hard when Google doesn’t answer your every query exactly as you’d like.

That said, if you have any information on any of this junk wonderful stuff, please leave me a comment!

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