39 weeks: Here’s the nursery!

I honestly didn’t think we would get this far into the pregnancy. Boy is estimated to be 8lbs as of last week (though I know that could easily vary… I’m a house now, so I believe it’s that much or heavier). It’s possible he might be late. This kid hates our wintry spring as much as I do. Today is milder, so there might be hope. Here are some pictures of our nursery. My niece came over with some cute outfits and other baby-related stuff ‚Ķ Continue reading

Vintage Finds, AKA Old Crap

A little late on this one, but here is some of the stuff we found the other day. You’ll be pleased to know I spend an afternoon cleaning and sanitizing all these things, so the record player no longer looks like a dirty heap of garbage, and the dresser looks slightly better. A tip about cleaning with vinegar + water solution: It’s great because there are no chemicals, but whatever it reacted with (my guess is decades of cigarette smoke) sent me into intermittent coughing ‚Ķ Continue reading

Vintage Score

The other night we were driving to meet up with someone when we spotted a curb full of tossed-aside furniture, books, and framed items. ¬†I’m not normally the type to yell “STOP THE CAR” but I did this time (or some variation of it), and I’m glad. We ended up with: An old dresser An old nightstand (these two will be DIY projects on here come springtime) A giant, framed original landscape oil painting signed “Eldon” Smaller framed painting Framed print of a native girl ‚Ķ Continue reading

Moose Painting I

Here’s my first moose painting. ¬†I was originally going for moose silhouette and disjointed jack pine. ¬†The jack pine became a bit less disjointed and more like a normal tree, and I decided to shade the moose. ¬†Hm. ¬†Not sure on it. Halfway through I took a picture and I actually like the halfway-through concept a lot better than the finished product. ¬†A moose against a map, instead of a moose and a jack pine. Well, we all need practice first. ¬†It was a fun ‚Ķ Continue reading

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