DIY denim whale — great baby room or toddler gift project!

One of the sucky parts about having a bunch of jeans I no longer like is that I very rarely find projects that involve denim that I think don’t look cheesy or cheap. Something about denim that only looks good on the legs, and occasionally, if you’re feeling adventurous and young, a jacket.

We’re getting the baby boy’s room ready lately. My youngest niece came a lot earlier than expected (in fact she was born on our wedding day), so we figured — just in case — maybe it’s a good idea to get some of the bigger work out of the way while little guy is still baking.

Miklos did an ace job painting. Trim is done. We got our monkey decals up on the wall this past weekend. Brought the DIY bench (made from an old dresser, remember?) into the room, which I now need to make a cushion for. We’ve got an area rug coming soon. Just need a crib, or maybe the baby can sleep in a drawer. And I’d also like to paint the dresser we have so far.

Oh right. DENIM.

So I made this after finding a great (albeit Finnish) tutorial through Pinterest.

denim whale DIY for little boy's room

my version of denim whale DIY for little boy's room

Here is the denim whale tutorial I used (you may want to translate it like I did, but she took great photos so you can do it without translating too). This lady’s version is significantly better, but I assume she has known how to sew for more than a few weeks.

denim whale with DIY dresser bench and monkey decals

We have a bit of a mixed bag theme going so far, but the whale really likes hanging out under the monkey tree… 🙂

I might make another bigger version soon and keep this guy as my rough draft. Haven’t decided yet. There are a few more projects I want to get done before baby boy shows up and takes over our world.

So what do you think?

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