39 weeks: Here’s the nursery!

I honestly didn’t think we would get this far into the pregnancy. Boy is estimated to be 8lbs as of last week (though I know that could easily vary… I’m a house now, so I believe it’s that much or heavier). It’s possible he might be late. This kid hates our wintry spring as much as I do.

Today is milder, so there might be hope.

Here are some pictures of our nursery.

tester monkey's corner

Tester Monkey‘s busy corner includes some stuff I haven’t put away yet, his friend Denim Whale, and a closet door that needs replacing one day. There is also a red toolbox on the ground for some reason, even though I have asked it to leave several times.

baby boy nursery monkey decal

Here’s the boy’s crib, complete with monkey wall art. The room has a general animal theme to it, nothing too specific. I am very happy with the porcupine and pine cone quilt we got from Ikea, as well as the plush carrot.

baby boy nursery glider and mesh hanging organizer

The mesh hanging organizer (Ikea again) adds a nice pop of colour to the corner. Lots of stuff can be stored in there, which is nice!

melted crayon and animal silhouettes painting

These are a couple of old melted crayon ‘pieces’ I made around a year ago or less. I got the idea a few weeks ago to paint a moose and a bear silhouette onto them to add some interest. I think a kid’s room is a good place for vibrant art like this. (Click image to enlarge.)

casey and the 4mums baby swing

Here’s Casey inspecting the 4Mums alien-looking baby swing for safety and coolness. It passed with flying colours. She wants to sit in it but I said not right now.

My niece came over with some cute outfits and other baby-related stuff last night. I forgot to take a picture of the closet, but when I opened it in front of her last night she said “Whoaaa…” So I guess we have a good amount of stuff now, thanks in large part to family, friends and two bags of baby boy clothes we found on Kijiji for $5.

We found a lot of great baby item deals on Kijiji, actually. I’m ‘frugal’ (read: cheap) but I’m actually more glad they’re getting a second life. I’m sure we’ll end up selling them off for a third when we’re done with them. Just think of all the stuff that lies around unused after a baby grows up, and people buy stuff brand new all the time. There’s nothing wrong with that of course (I mean, without that we wouldn’t have the cool baby swing or the still-valid carseat and stroller our parents generously gifted our soon-to-be baby), but I like to recycle stuff where possible too.

So yep. We’re ready, but baby’s apparently not. Time to make some cute toys and maybe fill them rattling stuff to keep things interesting.

If you’ve had a nursery, did you stick to a specific theme or prefer to leave your nursery open-concept? Let’s discuss in the comments!

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