John’s 1st birthday party!

It’s been [almost!] a whole year since John became the center of our world. It really did fly by, considering the long and agonizing nights, as well as the routines we had to establish to avoid said nights.

What a year. I’m convinced we lucked out in the baby department — aside from how terrible I was at adapting to lack of sleep.

In two days, this guy turns a whole year old. We made it! It feels that way, anyhow, even though I know so much more will come. And because you only turn one once (YOTOO, all the kids call it), we threw him a party he’ll we’ll never remember forget. He had a great time, and I got to decorate!

Full disclosure: Many of the colours and decorations I made were inspired by this wonderful original post,Ā to which you should go right now and drop your jaw in amazement.

Smash cake in waiting, with balloon cluster, triangle garland, and cupcakes. Picture frame bursting with Johnny's pics.

Balloons and triangle garland.

These decorations are each literally hanging by a thread. TheĀ garland wasĀ made by sewing together many, many isosceles triangles I had cut out of bristolĀ board.

Braided streamers and more triangle garland

Johnny and his cousin on a couple of John's new birthday rides from the grandparents

hanging arrows

group shot at Johnny's birthday

And a couple of phone shots from the [intended — not quite fulfilled] smashing of the cake:

Johnny and the smash cake

“Really? Come on, Dad. It’s such a nice cake though.” His dad had cut it for some reason at this point and also started to mush it a little himself. This tactic did not result in successful cake smashing.

Happy first birthday Johnny!

A couple of days left and we have an actual toddler, for crying out loud!Ā Can’t wait to see what this little nut does next.

(Based on the past few nights, my guess is walking all over the place.)

happy birthday johnny


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