Best Soup for Fall: Homemade Cream of Broccoli (& Everything Else!)

I enjoy good homemade soup any time of year. I’m lucky enough to have in-laws who love to cook family lunch every Sunday, and most everyone who’s tried it agrees, their chicken soup is top notch. Come fall, I like to cook and enjoy my own soup-er hearty meals. Who doesn’t? If I only had an enormous pot (what’s a witch without a cauldron?), I could make a giant batch and freeze enough to have it once a week without all the choppy-choppy. But the … Continue reading

Squash: It’s not just for decoration anymore

Apparently people eat squash, so this fall (maybe tonight) I am going to try an oven-baked butternut squash recipe.  If no review on this meal in the coming days, assume I have accidentally poisoned and killed myself and Miklos.  In case that happens, here is a picture of me as two ghosts in the park that I forgot about until just now: Share the post “Squash: It’s not just for decoration anymore” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

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