Recipe: Butterscotch & peanut butter haystacks

I’m in the mood for treats lately — and let’s hope I passed my glucose test because I want to continue eating deliciousness for three more months — so I thought I’d share one of my favourite recipes. It’s easy, fast, and requires only three ingredients. Four if you have peanuts on hand.     Mmm! There is nothing better, or easier! Unless you’re allergic to nuts, then there are probably a lot of better things for you. Recipe after these pictures! About this recipe: … Continue reading

Make Ahead Meals — A New Sunday Tradition?

Today I decided (after sewing up the holes in my socks for sewing machine practice — I know, I’m adorable) that although I love to cook, that probably won’t always be the case come the holidays (uh, and after the stork comes). Sundays are almost always a boring day of sloth, so why not start making ahead a few meals per week on this day? This is especially great for the last Sunday of the month when Miklos has his club meeting. Maybe I’ll make … Continue reading

Best Soup for Fall: Homemade Cream of Broccoli (& Everything Else!)

I enjoy good homemade soup any time of year. I’m lucky enough to have in-laws who love to cook family lunch every Sunday, and most everyone who’s tried it agrees, their chicken soup is top notch. Come fall, I like to cook and enjoy my own soup-er hearty meals. Who doesn’t? If I only had an enormous pot (what’s a witch without a cauldron?), I could make a giant batch and freeze enough to have it once a week without all the choppy-choppy. But the … Continue reading

My New Thing: Smoothies!

I was recently reminded of how good smoothies are. Miklos makes the best berry smoothie from about a cup of vanilla yogurt and 1/2 a cup of frozen mixed berries. It’s simple and so very good. It looks like this: Inspired by this, I’ve been smoothie-ing for breakfast all week. If you’re wondering where I got these ideas, hit up Pinterest for inspiration. You can pretty much blend anything and it ends up tasting like liquid heaven. My favourite smoothie so far is comprised of avocado, … Continue reading

Quick Vegetarian Chickpea Curry for Lunch!

Chickpeas, eh?   Garbanzos, you say?  Someone’s on a health kick in this house (hint: it’s not me or any of the pets) so we bought the kind of groceries we normally wouldn’t.  As a result, it’s new recipe time!  I documented the process to whet your appetite for this yummy curried treat!  You could call it vegetarian too, if you’re into that. This recipe yields 2 servings and takes about 20 minutes   You’ll need: – Olive oil (2-3 tbsp) – Half of one large … Continue reading

I Roasted Squash and I Liked It

Inspired by a coworker, I decided to buy a butternut squash and take it for a spin in the oven this weekend.  It’s Hallowe’en soon, and I’m feeling rather festive, so why the heck not?  I found an incredible amount of butternut squash soup recipes, but I kind of wanted to try my hand at it as a solid first.  I beckoned, my faithful Facebook friends answered with delicious sounding recipes.  I wanted to try them all, so I decided to combine them.  Below is … Continue reading