Graduate of…

Grades are up, and that means it’s official. I can start remembering what life was like before I had some kind of credentials, except for the massive amount of student debt I’ll be paying back in the coming years. I’ll update more later. Just felt guilty for leaving the blog sitting here all by its lonesome for a few days. Share the post “Graduate of…” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

Spilling Mistake

The Local Rabbits will always be a good springtime band for me. Spring of 2006 in Toronto, Spring of 2009 in St. Catharines. There were some college years in between but we’ll just repress all those memories, excluding of course the influential people I met during that time. A few surprisingly great teachers, a few cool people, a few good friends, one of whom I knew only for just over a year but who touched my life in a lot of ways with our common … Continue reading

Fresh Start

Deleted the P-Log and all that came with it. Ages have passed since I had an audience not comprised of exes and my exes’ exes. It makes me nervous to think there are people reading about me, grinding their teeth and chortling all the while to themselves in some inane delusion that by reading me, they are humiliating me. Really, they are frightening me. After two years, he who cannot get over being left far behind does not deserve to know what I’m up to. … Continue reading

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