Do you live in a house full of unfinished business? Find an old roll of film around your house. It doesn’t matter who took it (if it’s someone else’s, it might be all the more interesting). Get it developed. Be awed for a few minutes as you look over what’s before you. Ellie only shot in film on the few photo runs we ever went on. I’m wondering now if anyone has ever developed those pictures. Share the post “Film” FacebookXShare‚Ķ Continue reading

Messages from Friends

While cleaning up around the place this afternoon, “Generation X-Wing” stuck itself in my head. It was enough for me to actually muster up the courage to scour my (very) dusty CD collection and dig up Matthew Good Band’s Raygun. After that, it became a kind of marathon of tunes I hadn’t heard for a while. Ahh, memories (of drives by myself). It was nice. I think radio has damaged my head. I’ll have to charge my mp3 player more often, because there is really ‚Ķ Continue reading

There’s this weird feeling in my stomach today. 22 years ago this day, my good friend Ellie was born. She became one of the most sensible yet most adorably fun people I have ever been lucky enough to meet. I was always in awe of her positive outlook on everything. Even when we didn’t agree, which was rare, I always understood where she was coming from. She had about a billion friends because she was such an easy person to get to know and love. ‚Ķ Continue reading

Up at 5:30am, drive home from Welland, drive back to Welland upon mother’s request, stress out a while over lack of laundry done, lunch, wedding, Ellie tribute, sleep, market, nap, drive, movie night at my second home, sleep, lunch, work, photo run to Hamilton with Miklos, hometime. I’m forgetting a lot. It’s been a busy weekend (especially that nap part). Listen, I’m going to bed. More tomorrow. Share the post “” FacebookXShare‚Ķ Continue reading

All this carp talk has given me CARP-al tunnel.

Okay that’s the last carp title for the day, for a little while. ¬†Or until tomorrow. Speaking of: ¬†Tomorrow is a busy day. ¬†If you’re in the Niagara area, stop by Isaac’s pub at Brock University after 7pm to support the Ellie Burbidge Memorial Scholarship Fundraiser Tribute. ¬†(That’s a lot of words. ¬†Ellie would’ve enjoyed how verbose that event title was.) ¬†Tonnes of prizes to be won! ¬†Admission’s $10 for a very good cause. It’s that, and a wedding for me tomorrow! ¬†Well, not me. ‚Ķ Continue reading

Spilling Mistake

The Local Rabbits will always be a good springtime band for me. Spring of 2006 in Toronto, Spring of 2009 in St. Catharines. There were some college years in between but we’ll just repress all those memories, excluding of course the influential people I met during that time. A few surprisingly great teachers, a few cool people, a few good friends, one of whom I knew only for just over a year but who touched my life in a lot of ways with our common ‚Ķ Continue reading

"Feelin’ Fine"

I’m doing good today. One more assignment to write (well, 3 more to hand in, but one and a half which I’ve completed, and one new one that will hopefully be good enough since I only learned about it today), and I will be fucking graduating!!!!!!!!!!! from this dreadful course. It’s the out I’ve been looking for. And all it took were several nervous breakdowns and a nearly-complete loss of self-esteem. I donated some clothes I’ve been meaning to get rid of to a charity ‚Ķ Continue reading

Electric Feel

Why do I not like sleep at night, but I love it so come morning? I’m tired as all shit, but I just won’t go down. Why don’t I think this much during the daytime? It certainly would help a lot of things. This is a good’un (I didn’t pay attention to the video, I’ll be honest). It was track #11 on ‘Economics is a Drag’ Mix ’08 as compiled by Ellie. That girl was fun. Share the post “Electric Feel” FacebookXShare‚Ķ Continue reading

I have to stop torturing myself. I realize that. The more I read this, the more it seems like foreshadowing. I miss her so much. She’ll be with all of us, always, but if there’s ever such a thing as time travel, I’m going back to last week to call her up so that none of this ever happened. Because You CareWritten by Ellie, Monday January 26, 2009 @ 12:00am 1. The more urgent or important a letter looks, the more I don’t open it. ‚Ķ Continue reading

Thank you everyone for your incredible support through phone calls, MSN messages, and Facebook. Whether I’ve had the strength to reply directly or not, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it. Without you guys, I don’t think I could have made it through the day. It’s not very often I have to be human, thankfully, and I’m trying to cope the best I can. You guys are great. Share the post “” FacebookXShare‚Ķ Continue reading

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